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on facebook from bob who says my 12 fan agoes to tony romo. he was just that bad. next sunday 4:30 it's seattle versus washington right here on fed ex field. rw 1 versus rgiii. have not wait to see those two rockies go head to head. for more on the win, out to fed ex field where melanie is standing by. can you still feel the residue to a great win last night out there at fed ex? >> reporter: i can feel the residue and see some of the residue from some of the partying that went on here. so much excitement here at fed ex field as fans geared up to what became a prime time match up. it was a physical game and lived up to expectations and the parking lots filled up hours before go time. 82,845 fans. an overflow crowd packed the stands and went wild. not just for rgiii but also for the other star rookie alfred morris. ever confident this season's improbable winning streak would continue. and rgiii has been the cheer of the year, fans know it has been a total team effort. >> rgiii is great and i think with cousins, when rg was hurt, cousins stepped right in and watched the game when i was h
. we'd pick up republicans to pass. in those days bob michael was a heck of a minority leader. they would battle on the house floor. but in the end, it was what's in the best interest of the country. that's the same thing they did with president regan. it's what's in the best interest of the country ree. the ideas all about politics. who gets the upper hand. that's one reason why we can't solve these problems. when you look at congress, they put all these mechanisms in. we can't possibly want to do that. this would be horrible. >> i think you have to ignore the fact too that this is not unusual. we went through the period of time until you get up to the point you can make a deal with all of this kind of haggling going on. the fact is there are only a handful of people in congress that are going to be a party to the deal. a lot of the rest of the people who are about this aren't part of the deal making. when the president and the speaker are talking as they did last night, that's a hopeful sign. whether or not they arrived at conclusions, nobody knows at the present time. the r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2